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6 Steps To Stay Long lasting Bra

6 Steps To Stay Long-lasting Bra
British woman known only her bra wash six times a year, while Singapore women's bra wash once a week. In fact, the more often you wash your bra, the more durable your underwear.
By washing the bra every day, you clean the skin cells, sweat, and various cosmetic products such as lotions or deodorants that have spread throughout the day. Meanwhile, bras hanging up to dry will help maintain its shape longer. You also will protect damage to the bra hooks and ropes, and padding, and wire in his cup.
Well, for your favorite bras are beautiful and expensive stay, consider how to take care of her, from washing to save it.

1. Wash by hand. When you wash it with washing machine, you can not control its security. The problem that often happens is that the wires are easily bent due to stress other clothing. Wash it by hand is more secure. Also make sure you do not squeeze the bra to dry, especially when the cup was fitted with extra foam.

2. Button hook. This is a question many women: when washing bras, whether the hook should be buttoned, or released? These small hooks can be stuck into other clothing. Therefore, tie the hook before you wash them. This method can protect the bra from damage.

3. Be careful using detergent. Bra wash with a detergent that you normally use for washing other clothes can thwart your goals caring for a bra. Do not use powdered detergent containing bleach. While the liquid detergent will likely solve the problem better, and prevent the fibers damaged the delicate fabric. The best option is a detergent that is specially used for washing delicate material.

4. Dry naturally. The process of drying using a dryer in the washing machine is the most damaging your clothes in this. "A bra should always be dried naturally," said Jennifer, from Client Services "Because of the dryer heat can destroy the elasticity."
Dryer on a washing machine will also make cotton and wire change shape, shrink, or tear. It is best to put the bra in a flat position on top of a towel, and let it dry naturally. Do not leave them directly in the hot sun to prevent color fading.

5. When saving a bra, you can hang it on the hanger, or, if you save it in a drawer, do not fold his second cup. blow up his cup with a roll of socks to retain its shape. The same thing can you do when you are packing clothes for travel.

6. If you're used to change underwear twice a day, wear a bra for a day is enough. Thus you are giving a chance every bra you belong to "rest", and a bra would be more durable.
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