Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How Small Bloggers Are Going Through Hard Days

My Past Experience Being A Publisher

10 years ago i thought to start earning online, i found some of my friends doing this online task, they were making small blogs or websites and then applying the ads on their sites, at that time i had no idea what is that task , i started to ask them, but no one was ready to tell that how to do it,. then i start to learning myself by using the internet and searching for how to make a website or blog, what is a blog, who gives the money to bloggers, and why, how much.

somehow or else i started blogging with blogger.com , wrote a few post then applied for adsense and then i got approved my account for earning revenue from my blogs, it was bit difficult for a person who never taught sucha thing, and never got trained from anyone, but i kept on going with it, then i got my first adsense check, as it was not an option to select western union payment method for my country. it was really amazing to recieve that check.

made a few more blogs and my earning touched the roof,everything was quite fine, a routine to write posts for blog and publish them and bookmark them on different bookmarking sites like digg,stumble upon, hotklix.com etc.my life was in a routine to work and earn, then everything suddenly changed.
Account Disabling Sudden Shocking Restrictions For Small Publishers

in year 2011 adsense started a task ,started finishing the small bloggers who are not running big blogs or big websites, they started to disabling the adsense account of those who were running their blogs or websites from asian countries and having low traffic almost lower than 10,000 unque visitors, it was really shocking for every small publisher just like me, monthly income suddenly stopped, lost many $ in that adsense account, and hands were empty, the publishers who were running their life through adsense where wracked, they had no optin left other than this that they started to apply for new adsense account. somehow or else they got approved very hardly, we started again, but after a few days same thing happened, accounts started to disable, when tried again to get approve then there was the answer that your blog in not eligble for adsense, the same blogs which have been running adsense and take it to the top position, the adsens were not agreee to let them run.
Got Thrown out From Search Engine

the second step to finish the small publisher was to get their blogs and websites block from search engines, it mean they were not able to get traffic from search engine too, all the visitors were finished, we had no option left even not to join any other program like adsense, when there would be no traffic then their is no revenue.only big companies and publishers were existing in the search engines.
Miserable Life Of Small Publisher

then there was no option left for all small bloggers to stay online and work, i was also unable to support my home and family, had many problems due to lack of earning. i started to search job but all in vain, i had no experience in the life other than publishing and writing, big companies had already much highly qualified staff, there was no relevant job for related task, tried to do other kind of jobs, but at some companies they threw me out and some were resigned by me, because i was unable to do that stuff, as i never had any experience with that. have been pushing my life somehow or else, there were many days that i could not get anything to eat, my wife got seperate from me, as it was true that i could not support my family. same days still going on. no money in the pocket, have no job, adsense account still not getting approved. as they say that i have no unique content, who would tell them that there is limit of dictionary and the combinations of words are in limilt there are billions of websites and they must having some topic and the content would be matching, as if a person is writing about audi car specific model then its specification would be the same as other person is writing, its interior exterior,engine power, wheels, windows , specifocations, all would be the same. then how to post it unique.

i tried to apply adsensewith ladies fashion and garments blog with the similar topic that was chosen by big blogger and site owners who were running adsense on their wepages,but at the same time my account was not getting accepted. it that the reason that we belong to asia and we are not big enough like those big crocodiles?
Do Good , Have Good

now a days adsense itself suffering from bad days as facebbok has the attraction of all internet surfers, people wasting their most of the time on facebook. and facebook is advertising the ads themself, they dont need any publisher, they are having 100 % of revenue in their hands, they dont need unique content or big publishers even not the small one, they are having ads on each of their page, and they are not sharing their revenue with anyone. and they are still on the top of the web.

result is this that there is someone with the name of God. Adsense and google thrown out small publishers,and now they are at 2nd place. publishers are paying most of their money to facebook to advertise them. not much value to adsense program.
Exucse me please if hurt someone

i really excuse to everyone if anyone hurt by my article, i am sure that this article is unique and google would'not have any problem with it, but if anyone still have any problem then contact me at khawermano@gmail.com +923155760572. i would love to hear from everyone. i would thank google if they take notice of these things which they already knew.
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