Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How to Bulkup For Students On A Low Budget Diet - Bodybuilding

i started my passion for bodybuilding 15 months ago, when i just weight myself 50 kg, i was much slim ,low weight have been the target of the people who have been making fun of me, i was much worried about my looks, then i wished to start bodybuilding, in the start the people in the gym started making fun of me, and after 6 months when i took off my shirt there was a crowd to see an amazing transformation,a big change in my body. all this happened becuase i had the carze and passion inside me to be a handsome muscular bulky dude.

a few years ago i got banned from google adsense program, then i got a job where i got the monthly pay 100$. i had the passion for bodybuilding but i could not support it with so little earning, but then i thought that i must do it with the low earning as much as i could, i started to workout session daily for 25 minutes as i had not enough money, so was doing workout as much as i was eating. after one year when i checked my weight it was 70 kg. a big difference in one year, 50kg to 70kg. how i did that all i will tell you below after you see my pics of current time.

my first aim was to bulk up ,and weight gain somhow or else, so i started to taking high calories food during the whole days, there was nothing specific. i use to get breakfast a full plate of rice, then a 250 ml pepsi cola, so it could help me to digest.

then then after two hours i fry some finger chips or french fries , a  full plate, then after other 3 hours i use to take 3 breads(roti) with some bief or chicken graby, a full plate then i use to take rest mean sleep. after sleeping 3 hours, then i use to take 6 bananas, then i go to the workout and on the way back i take other 6 bananas. then a full dinner meal after 30 minutes with chicken or some meat. and i eat whatever it was available according to my budget. and then i found my weight after one year on the weight machine it was 70 kg. i was much happy as much possible, people were surprised to see me in that look.

after one year when i was bulky enough, then i started to get some lean muscle, replacing fats with lean mass, there was no change further in my weight, but my fats pounds were turning into lean muscle mass. for this i took 4 eggs whites in breakfast, then oat meal plate in the brunch. after 3 hours then i use to take boneless chicken chest almost 200 gms. then after two hours some salad full plate , before the workout i use to take 4 eggs white and after the workout another 4 egg whites. thats it. and in the dinner mean i use to take a half chest barb-q . try these technique , i hope you could affoard easily.

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